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Sustainability in our accommodation. We look at a balance between employees, the environment and economy for a more sustainable vacation. For all of us!

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sustainable accommodation in Sölden

How, what, when? Sustainable accommodation

Created with experts. We partnered with experts like Travalyst and Sustainalize to create the "Travel More Sustainably" program.

Our accommodation has currently taken more than 30 different sustainability steps. We then calculate the environmental and social impact of the steps based on the size and location of the accommodation.

We have also started to develop verification processes for these steps using feedback from you as guests who have stayed at the accommodation.

sustainable accommodation in Sölden

Social criteria

"Social sustainability aims at a decent life, i.e. distribution of social burdens, distribution of roles, distribution of work / combating unemployment, and equal opportunities."

  • Overpayment of employees
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free accommodation for employees
  • Free meals during working hours
  • Shared shuttle bus to avoid traffic and CO2 exchange
  • Promotion of local employees (extra pay and training)
  • Possibility of free training
  • Team building events
  • Local artists are given a platform to showcase their talent (DJ Talents Contest)
  • The accommodation reinvests a part of its turnover in projects for the local population
  • Guests receive information about ecosystems, traditions and culture of the destination as well as rules of conduct for visitors
  • Sustainability Tours and activities are offered by local guides and local businesses
sustainable accommodation in Sölden

Ecological criteria

"Ecological sustainability describes the farsighted and considerate use of natural resources. Ecological sustainability generally refers to the survival and health of ecosystems."

  • Employee housing with photovoltaics, thermal insulation and 3-layer windows
  • Waste recycling garbage cans are available and waste is recycled
  • No use of disposable plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and shower gels
  • No use of disposable plastic stir sticks
  • Disposable straws made from compostable corn
  • No use of single-use plastic water bottles
  • No use of disposable plastic beverage bottles
  • No use of disposable plastic cutlery or tableware
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Water-saving showers
  • Charging station for electric vehicles
  • Room cleaning is not permanent, only on order
  • Reuse of towels
  • Electricity is to 100% generated from renewable energy sources
  • No environmentally harmful cleaning agents and detergents
sustainable accommodation in Sölden

Economic sustainability

"Economic sustainability is a concept according to which, in the long term, the preservation of resources is important in companies in addition to maximizing profits. It's about ensuring that raw materials, products and capital are available in the future at the same or better quality."

  • Local companies are used for projects and implementations
  • Use of regional manufacturers
  • In the accommodation mainly energy efficient LED lamps are used
  • Electrical appliances are purchased with at least energy standard A
  • Raw materials of regional origin are used
  • 24/7 check-in is possible
  • Washing machines are used with hot water connection
  • Motion detectors for hallway lights
  • Exterior lighting until 22:00
  • Programmable thermostats for the boiler

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